Understanding the Mechanics: SEO Services for WordPress Websites

Curious about how our SEO services work wonders for WordPress websites? Let’s break it down in simple terms.

1. WordPress SEO Audit & Analysis
If you’ve got a WordPress website already up and running, the team at My SEO Company India start by digging into the details. Our team conducts a thorough SEO audit, like detectives on a mission. We figure out what tweaks, additions, or adjustments your site needs to climb the ranks and be more visible on search engines.

We focus on the low-hanging fruit – the easy fixes. Based on where your keywords currently stand, we pinpoint what changes will give you the biggest boost in the shortest time. With our extensive experience working on hundreds of WordPress sites, we’ve crafted a nifty WordPress SEO checklist to guide us through the process.

2. Craft a Tailored WordPress SEO Strategy
We create a custom WordPress SEO strategy that revolves around your goals, industry, competitors, and current standings. No two campaigns are alike, and at our place, we customize the plan to fit your unique needs. Plus, we offer SEO packages that cater to different budgets.

3. Technical Updates & On-Site Optimization
Now, let’s get technical. With our in-house team of WordPress seo experts, we’re the fixers. Whether it’s tweaking title tags, header tags, ALT tags, or coding pages for Google’s front page, we’ve got it covered. We’ll spruce up your site’s internal linking, set up that SSL certificate if you need it, and fine-tune your on-site SEO. And if you need a new landing page or some custom programming, we do that too. We’re the pros at making your code speak Google’s language.

4. Ongoing Content Creation, Blog Posts, & Articles
Ever heard the phrase ‘content is king’? It holds true for SEO too. We’re not just a one-time fix; we’re in it for the long haul. Our WordPress SEO consultants crafts a content calendar designed to rank for new keywords and boost your current ones. To become a big deal in the search engines, you need to be an authority. Our well-thought-out content campaigns help you establish just that. We’ll even create content that can be featured on top-notch blogs, earning your site those precious external links.